1. Break the Diet Myth
Many weight loss programs make you keep track of points, measure carbs, eat pre-packaged foods or take drugs, pills, or shots. None of that nonsense in our program! You will burn fat with our Burn Fat Technology – leaving you lighter, thinner and healthier!

2. It’s not a “secret” – it’s technology and science
Physiologists have known for years that hormones tell your body when to store fat and when to burn fat. Everyone’s body physiology, biology, chemistry, and metabolism is unique, causing them to store fat. Turning your body’s fat-burning furnace ON has been difficult for most.

3. Burn Fat Technology turns on fat-burning
Our team will use specialized equipment to measure over 2,800 fat biomarkers to find the root metabolic cause that keeps your body from burning fat. The results of our body scans will tell us what is needed and the exact steps needed for each person to burn fat, creating a customized, personalized, and individualized program for you… no two programs are alike!

4. Drop pounds and weight while losing inches in days, NOT weeks or months*
Our patients are amazed when they begin losing weight immediately on the very first day of the program. Most of our patients report losing five, seven, or even ten or more pounds in their very first week….and YOU can too!

5. Burn Fat without hunger, cravings or exercise
When burning fat, most patients won’t experience hunger or cravings. A healthy body always burns fat! Their body is “satisfied” with the fat it’s burning to fuel and energize them throughout the day. Not so with “diet” programs. While burning fat, we want to keep your body in the fat-burning zone and recommend minimal to no exercise for best results. Many times exercise can turn your body’s fat-burning furnace off, causing you to store fat and gain weight.

6. Safe, effective, easy doctor-approved program
Our doctor-approved program is safe, effective and easy to ensure that your body is responding as expected. Don’t be surprised if we modify your customized program as your body changes, heals, and burns fat.

*Individual results may vary


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